Sightseeing tour by minibus

Get to know the most picturesque surroundings of Aukstaitija national park by traveling it together with our local guides. We will start the journey by stopping at Salos ethnoarchitectural farmstead. An exceptional feature of the ecomuseum in Salos II village is the traditional life and the multifunctional economic activity that will be authenticated and interpreted here. Then … Read more

Mythical journey to the home of bees 

Hike through the most picturesque surroundings of Aukstaitija national park and get a comfy ride back by minibus to Asalnai campsite. This journey starts in Puziniskis village, where an old oak tree shares its wisdom with passengers. Hiking a bit further and deeper into the forest from it we will find Velniukstis (meaning “imp”) lake. There is a … Read more

The pearl of Aukstaitija

Hike through the most picturesque surroundings of Aukstaitija national park and paddle back to Asalnai campsite through the rivers and lakes by your chosen water transport.  Probably the most scenic spot of ANP is Ladakalnis. We will tell you a story about how and why this name was given to it. The hill itself is considered … Read more

Pirates, captain and mermaids

Hike through the most picturesque surroundings of Aukstaitija national park, try out some local food and get back to the campsite by a wooden boat. First part of the route will lead us through forest paths covered by moss until we reach the famous Asalnai pine tree. Locals call it THE QUEEN and its branches … Read more

Workshop: create your unique mascot with runes 

According to a myth, Odin discovered the runes when he hung on the wind-blown tree Yggdrasil for nine nights and days in order to learn wisdom. Just as he was about to die, he found the runes, grabbed them and earned his life by giving the best gift to people – a tool to get … Read more

Botanical perfume workshop

Do you feel the need to spend some quality time on your own? Is it time to spice up the days with your beloved one? Maybe you are looking for some ideas on what to do together with your colleagues or friends? Creating your own natural perfume might be the best idea in these cases! … Read more

Visiting a blacksmith

Visiting a local artisan in his “Flying forge” will be an interesting experience not only for adults, but for little ones too. Raimundas Žievys – our highly recommended blacksmith, who makes useful items as well as personal orders out of various metals. Raimundas is a great person to go through an educational program about metalwork … Read more

Forest bathing walk with Mila Monk

Forest bathing (from Japanese shinrin-yoku or „bathing in the forest“) is a sensory-based wellness practice that can be experienced in a forest (or any other green space). It involves slowing down and connecting with the natural environment through all the senses. Participants engage in certain exercises in order to disconnect from the over-analyzing mind and … Read more

Memes ragas sweat lodge (inipi) ceremony

This sweat lodge is very unusual and different, built out of hazel branches and is called INIPI (by indigenous people of North America). During the ceremony we use wool blankets from the outside in order to create darkness inside. There is a hole in the middle which is filled with hot stones. Once they join … Read more

Magical sauna ritual

Have you been thinking of a more meaningful way to celebrate some kind of event? Maybe thought about a different team building party? Or were you just wondering how to spend some time with your friends and family without having to take care of anything yourself? Let us lead you through an authentic program that … Read more