The pearl of Aukstaitija

Price: 50 € per person
Duration: ~ 6 hours
Group size: from 10 people

Hike through the most picturesque surroundings of Aukstaitija national park and paddle back to Asalnai campsite through the rivers and lakes by your chosen water transport. 

Probably the most scenic spot of ANP is Ladakalnis. We will tell you a story about how and why this name was given to it. The hill itself is considered as the central part of Aukstaitija national park. From here you can see 6 different lakes and a beautiful panoramic view. 

Hiking route goes through the hill fort of Šiliniškis where on one side you can find Ladakalnis and the famous mound of Ginuciai on the other side. Locals call it „The back of a sleepy dragon“. We will be climbing up to Siliniskiai tower to see ANP from high above. After that a visit to Ginuciai awaits us. Here we will visit an old wooden water mill and get a chance to refresh under the water cascades. 

After a little break here, we will continue our tour by your chosen water transport (kayak, boat or SUP board). We will follow the Srove (Current) river which twists and turns to keep you engaged. Some lakes we will paddle through: Asekas, Linkmenas, Asalnykstis. We will have a quick stop by Puziniskis village, where an old oak tree will wave to us from the shore by sharing its wisdom with us. It will take us to the spot where the lake of Asalnai begins. Here our main goal will be to reach Memes Ragas because this is where Asalnai campsite is.

Hiking distance: ~10 km.

Distance by water: ~9 km.


  • Guide services during the whole tour
  • Boat, SUP board or kayak rental and transportation
  • Life wests

Not included

  • Overnight stay at the campsite. Daily rates*: • Tent fee €8 • Adults and teenagers (from 15yo) €6 • Children (6-14yo) €3 • Car €5 • Car trail €3 • Camper van €15 • Hammock €4 • Extra fee for an arbour €20-€40 *15% more expensive on bank holidays
  • Food 12€/person (when ordering our chef) + 50€ chef’s services
  • Visiting Ginuciai water mill (+30 min.) • Adults €2 • Children and pensioners €1 • Guide €1/person (tour with a guide takes around 40 min)

What to take with you

  • Comfortable footwear and clothes
  • Drinking water or a hot drink
  • Snacks
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Waterproof bag for your stuff
  • Swimming equipment

Request for ordering

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