Botanical perfume workshop

Price: from €40/person
Duration: from 2 val.
Group size: up to 20 people

Do you feel the need to spend some quality time on your own? Is it time to spice up the days with your beloved one? Maybe you are looking for some ideas on what to do together with your colleagues or friends? Creating your own natural perfume might be the best idea in these cases!

This workshop is a unique way to become a creator while learning a lot of new things about the magical world of scents.

Do you know how powerful your nose actually is? The sense of smell has a direct connection to our limbic system and this is why every scent can be linked to different emotions. Knowing how to navigate it all, gives us the power of self-regulating our inner sense and mood. 

During the workshop you will get to know natural botanical extracts and its impact, aromas and also get a hint on how to blend them. After all, you will create your own, unique, organic blend of scents which you will be able to use as a perfume. In other words, you will carry out “a bottle of magic” created by yourself. This blend will reflect your personality and needs.


  • Theoretical part – principles of perfumery
  • Consultation/conversation 
  • Sensory part – botanical scent exploration
  • Meditation in order to awaken the intuition
  • Making a personal blend of scents
  • Discussion, insights

This interactive session is guided by Inesa Žemyna. Her work is inspired by forests and meadows. The knowledge and love for the power of Nature were given from generation to generation in her family. It inspired her to create Raganės Šokis. It is a creative workspace where the most attention is paid to a deeper connection between people and nature. It is being awakened by creating workshops, rituals, exploring various plants and involving their extracts into creative parts. 

Raganės šokis also holds the authentic botanical perfume, aroma blends, different sorts of herbal tea, skin care products and freshly pressed nut and seed oils – all of it handmade by Inesa. She puts a lot of love, care and good intentions into those products.


  • Theory about botanical perfumery
  • All tools for creative part
  • Personal perfume made by you (5ml)

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