Punky one

Fits up to 8 people When we were creating this space, we wanted to have somewhere to lay down. So now it fits 1-2 people with a sleeping bag. This barrow is nearest to the dome zone and furthest from the main beach, outside kitchen and toilets. You can always go swimming at the dome … Read more


Fits up to 8 people Situated between the punky barrow and the table on the shore. Parking lot and outside kitchen are nearby. There is a short walking distance to toilets and the main beach.  The surface for pitching a tent is perfect here and you can park your campervan here too.


Fits up to 8 people This must be the most favorite spot of our travelers.  It’s situated on a hill, in a tiny peninsula.  You can find sauna area nearby. There is a walking distance to the toilets and kitchen. It is also possible to park your campervan here.

On the shore

Fits up to 6 people This table can be found on the lake shore, which is not very suitable for swimming. Outside kitchen, toilets and the main beach are within walking distance.  The surface for tents is not the best, but it’s enough space for everyone here. We highly recommend taking a two person tent … Read more

The central table

Fits up to 12 people This table is called the heart of our campsite. You get a perfect overview of everything from here: main beach, basketball “court”, outside kitchen, toilets as well as kids playing area.  You can also park your campervan here.  The surface for pitching tents is perfect and you can fit whatever … Read more

At the beach

Fits up to 6 people This spot at the main beach is beloved by families. The shore is sandy and you can find the main lake bridge here.  The toilets and outside kitchen are within walking distance. Relaxation and sauna zones are nearby.  The surface is perfect for pitching a tent. We highly recommend taking … Read more

Big one

Fits up to 20 people This barrow was made for bigger companies who respect other campers, of course.It can be found on the side of the campsite, where from you can see the main beach, toilets and the outside kitchen is also within reach.The surface is perfect for pitching a tent.


Fits up to 4 people This one got the name because it’s furthest from the main zone and it is a very good choice for romantic couples. Its spot itself is on the lake shore, has a tiny bridge ( which is beloved by fishermen) and swings. There is a walking path going through the … Read more