Fits up to 4 people
adults €4.00
children 6-14 years old €2.00
camper/car €2.00

Quit hours: 11PM-8AM

Fits up to 4 people

This one got the name because it’s furthest from the main zone and it is a very good choice for romantic couples. Its spot itself is on the lake shore, has a tiny bridge and swings. There is a walking path going through the place, but people walk through here very rarely. 

There is a longer walking distance to the toilets and outside kitchen. 

We recommend bringing two person tents here.

Additional services

  • BBQ (5€/day)
  • Wheelbarrow full of fire wood (10€)
  • Bike rental (5€/1 hour, 20€/day)
  • Single SUP board rental (10€/1.30 hour, 30€/day)
  • Triple SUP board rental (15€/1.30 hour, 40€/day)
  • Boat rental (5€/1 hour, 20€/day)
  • Paddle boat rental €7/1 hour; €10/2 hours
  • Sauna from 3 people 100€
  • Sauna + ritual for two people - 180€
  • Sauna + ritual for up to 8 people 180€


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Comntact us

If you want to book additional services such as a bicycle, boat, paddle board, hot tub, kayak or sauna? Contact us.

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