Magical sauna ritual

Price: 60 Eur / person
Duration: ~ 5 hours
Group size: from 6 people

Have you been thinking of a more meaningful way to celebrate some kind of event? Maybe thought about a different team building party? Or were you just wondering how to spend some time with your friends and family without having to take care of anything yourself?

Let us lead you through an authentic program that we have established – a sauna ritual followed by a tea ceremony. It will help you to calm down, be present and feed your soul by letting you feel safe during the meditation and relaxation. 

We will start our program by making our own body scrubs. You will create a scrub for yourself by using natural and fresh materials from Mother Earth. Straight after that we try it out in the sauna. 

Sauna program with Egle is divided into following sessions:

𝐈 – ritual of the 1st steam, getting to know it and a sensitive touch of a birch. We will warm up our bodies and enjoy the smells of herbs.

𝐈𝐈 – attention to the salt: inhalation, cleaning of respiratory tract, peeling of the body with a scrub made by me out of nature.

𝐈𝐈𝐈 – the dance of forest birches, their rustle. Everyone will be given a birch. We will heat our bodies by whipping them. After this session I will invite you for a dip in a lake/ice-hole (depending on the season) 

🧉 After the “birch dance” we will head to tea meditation together with @Raganes sokis. Tea meditation is a ritual that helps you to be mindful and present. We will slow down, achieve peace of mind and appreciate the moment. Meanwhile we will also improve the relationship with ourselves as well as with the world. 

p.s. We highly recommend getting your shaving procedures done a few days before the sauna, so your skin wouldn’t be too sensitive. 

🙏 VERY IMPORTANT not to use any perfume on that day.


  • Steam bathing program
  • The rental fee of Asalnai sauna
  • Sauna equipment such as birches
  • Scrub making workshop
  • Tea meditation

Not included

  • Snacks

What to take with you

  • Better to have pickled vegetables or just some fruits
  • Sauna clothes, if needed (we recommend wearing clothes out of natural materials. You can also wear a sauna skirt/dress or swimming trunks)
  • 2-3 towels
  • Bathrobe
  • Warm socks or knitted slippers which you will wear in between the sessions
  • Slippers

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