Forest bathing walk with Mila Monk

Price: from 400€
Duration: ~ 3 hours
Group size: 10 - 25 person

Forest bathing (from Japanese shinrin-yoku or „bathing in the forest“) is a sensory-based wellness practice that can be experienced in a forest (or any other green space). It involves slowing down and connecting with the natural environment through all the senses.

Participants engage in certain exercises in order to disconnect from the over-analyzing mind and connect with nature through the body.

Forest bathing guide enables the participants to activate their senses, to slow down by adapting to the rhythm of the forest, and sharpen their perceptiveness.

This helps them disconnect from their inner monologue so they can sense their surroundings and truly feel the pleasure of being in the here and now.

Forest Bathing Walk will be guided by Mila Monk who is the pioneer of forest bathing in Lithuania: she guides forest bathing walks in Vilnius and other Lithuanian forests (Belmontas reserve, Anykščiai forest, old-growth forest of Juodkrantė,  Žvērinčiaus forest in Birštonas, etc.) since 2018. She is also the co-founder and director of Center for Forest Therapy and Education, and coordinator of the Forest Therapy Day of the Anykščiai Forest Festival. 

Mila is a professional literary translator, who translated two main books about forest therapy and forest bathing into Lithuanian: “The Art and Science of Forest Bathing” by the Japanese scientist Qing Li, and “Your Guide to Forest Bathing” by Amos Clifford.


  • Food 12€/person (when ordering our chef) + 50€/chef

What to take with you

  • Clothes adjusted to the weather, comfortable & waterproof footwear
  • Apsaugą nuo lietaus (atitinkami drabužiai, skėtis)
  • Neperšlampamą kilimėlis prisėsti
  • Vandens arba šiltą gėrimą (pagal poreikį)

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